DEAL ALERT: US$20 / PHP 1,000 Wireless Gaming Headphones! 🎧

by Alexei Rivera | June 19, 2017 7:20 am

I get asked this all the time so thankfully I have an answer now. I’ve found some gaming headphones that won’t break the bank and will also be top tier quality in the form of Turtle Beach headphones who, if you didn’t know is one of the top brands for gaming comms. Now, the one I particularly liked is a US$20 wireless pair that provides amazing functionality for less than even most wired headphones sell for. There’s a bunch of other ones you can get, so feel free to browse them. I’ve detailed all the information you need to know about these headphones and where to get them in the video embedded above so watch away!

If you didn’t catch the link to buy these headphones or want to browse the other wired models make sure to go to the Lazada link I set up for you here![1]

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  1. link I set up for you here!:

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