Memes Do Come True: GrabTricycle Is Now A Real Service From Grab (And Its Free Until April 5)

by Alexei Rivera | March 27, 2017 4:34 pm

Remember when people used to poke fun of how the modernization our public transportation these days is going to eventually let us book tricycles as on-demand services online? Well, that’s actually true as of today. Grab is experimenting with a GrabTricycle service in Mandaluyong that will ply a few roadways and pick up passengers along those avenues. What’s more, as the system is currently in a beta testing phase, they’re completely free on some very well defined and lenient conditions up until April 5, and during 8AM until 5PM.

The available streets you can get on or drop off of a GrabTricycle are:

Booking also requires a few more careful steps, which include:

  1. Open your Grab app
  2. Select GrabTricycle
  3. Input your pick-up and drop-off points (only those areas for pick-up and drop-off are allowed)
  4. Use the promo code GRABTRIKE
  5. Click book and wait for your ride to be confirmed
  6. Contact your driver for easier pickup; the tricycles will be green with a Grab logo
  7. Arrive at your destination!

So there you have it, another new experimental system by one of the popular TVNS to bring more affordable, convenient, transportation for us Filipinos. Give it a try if you’re in Mandaluyong!

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