THE SWITCH HAS ARRIVED! Nintendo’s Revolutionary New Console Unboxed

by Alexei Rivera | March 10, 2017 7:26 am

Nintendo’s biggest, most exciting gamble into the competitive video games industry is finally here: the Nintendo Switch. A console like no other, because sometimes its a portable. Or its a portable, but sometimes its a console. Confused? Well think of it like it was a standalone laptop you can take anywhere, but when you need to spread out and work on a bigger screen you can put it in a dock that houses connections that essentially makes it a desktop. That’s what the company what built Mario has created. But you already knew that right? The Switch was announced back in 2016, after all. Well, now its out in the market and we decided to get one from Lazada[1] – despite the complaints from our wallets. So have a look at what could possibly be the future of video games in our unboxing video of the Nintendo Switch embedded above!

Nintendo Switch – PHP 24,999 (with Zelda & 1-2 Switch) or US$299 console only[2]

The Nintendo Switch is available now in the Philippines for PHP 24,499. (Buy it from Lazada here.[3]) That includes two games: the excellent Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the party/casual game 1-2 Switch. The SRP of the console alone elsewhere is US$299, but its not available without the bundled games here in the pearl of the orient. Either way, its a bit more expensive right now than the competing consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Whether or not it’ll succeed is still up in the air.

What do you think though: Has Nintendo’s Golden Age returned?

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  1. get one from Lazada:
  2. Nintendo Switch – PHP 24,999 (with Zelda & 1-2 Switch) or US$299 console only:
  3. Buy it from Lazada here.:

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