Asus Is First To Launch Gaming Laptops With NVIDIA’s Pascal 10-Series GPUs

by Alexei Rivera | August 16, 2016 2:49 pm

While the desktop world has recently been taken by storm by the recently released series of graphics cards both from NVIDIA and AMD, the portable laptop segment has been making do with older GPU’s. (For NVIDIA, that’s namely the 9-series GPUs.) But thankfully, Asus has just announced today that they’re updating three of their popular ROG laptops with new Pascal 10-Series Architecture GPUs – which will usher in a newer, more powerful, and battery saving era of mobile gaming. The list of laptops to be updated are the GX800, G800, G752, and the Strix GL502. We got some more specs for you below, if you want to see what new chips they’ll be running!


ROG G752VS (Same specs as other G752 except for GPU)

ROG G752VM (Same specs as other G752 except for GPU)


ROG Strix GL502VS (Same specs as other GL502 except for GPU)

ROG Strix GL502VM (Same specs as other GL502 except for GPU)

With this announcement, Asus effectively beats out its gaming laptop competitors in bringing Pascal to the mobile gaming industry. While we’re sure the rest will follow much sooner after, Asus did win the prestige this round.

Pricing and availability of all these units though, have not yet been disclosed.

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