Transcend DrivePro 200 Review – 1080p Dashboard Camera With WiFi For US$ 120 / PHP 6,000

by Alexei Rivera | August 3, 2016 7:30 pm

Dashcams – or Dashboard Cameras – have started to become quite popular in the Philippines these days as our roads are becoming more and more unruly and lawless every day. That’s why today we’re taking a look at a relatively trusted model today – the┬áTranscend DrivePro 200. Priced at about PHP 6,000 its main differentiating features are probably that it’s a Capacitor-based dashcam, its image quality, and finally its WiFi capabilities. But considering this model has been around for 2 years now, is it still worth the money? Check out our findings in our video review embedded above or more of our conclusions below!


Transcend DrivePro 200 Dashcam – US$120 / PHP 6,000




Transcend puts itself in a precarious situation here with the DrivePro 200. It’s age is showing because of how fast the dashcam industry has improved since this model was introduced. Thankfully the video quality is still good, but audio might as well just be turned off its so bad. WiFi is a nice addition, but ultimately its the reliability of the capacitor design and the Transcend brand that will make people buy this device.

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