BEST VIRTUAL REALITY SHOOTER – Hardcode VR [Google Cardboard Gameplay]

by Alexei Rivera | August 2, 2016 9:14 am

It took us a while to make this video because the recording technology and quality was not there yet before, but now we can show you one of the best shooter games for Google Cardboard – Hardcode VR. Its a relatively simple game, when compared to traditional non-VR counterparts, but for playing in full 360 view while moving your head around this is one of the more complete experiences around – and its free! You will need a bluetooth gamepad with at least 5 buttons, but if you wanna watch the game first to make your own conclusions, check out our gameplay video embedded above!

Hardcode VR is available on the Google Play Store for free here[1]. Check it out!

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  1. Google Play Store for free here:

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