ASRock B150M Pro4 Review – Small In Size, Big In Value!

by Alexei Rivera | June 24, 2016 5:12 pm

Welcome back to another Motherboard review from ASRock! This time, we’re taking a look at their B150M Pro4 Skylake DDR4 rig – meaning its a MicroATX form factor that is a.) more affordable, and b.) can be built into smaller cases. Priced at PHP 4,300 Est. or US$75, this guy is a pretty nice deal for a budget Skylake build. It’ll still retain most of the features of an ATX B150, with a few expansion slots cut off. But will it be good enough to work on (or game on)? Check out in our full video review embedded above or more of our findings below!

B150M Pro4(L3)[1]

ASRock B150M Pro 4 – Est. PHP 4,300 / US$75[2]


Test Build





To be completely honest, the ASRock B150M Pro4 is a decent board that fits a particular set of users that won’t ask for anything more than that. MicroATX builders are either gamers on a stricter budget because the boards are cheaper or consumers who want a smaller form factor PC. Hardcore system builders will likely go for a larger rig with more features, so that means they probably won’t consider getting MATX anyway. So for the most part, the B150M Pro 4 is a good buy for the specific market they’re targeting. Its more affordable than competitors, and performs about the same.

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