SM Megamall Posts A Promo Dated For February 30th; Hilarity Ensues

by Alexei Rivera | February 4, 2016 11:18 pm

Someone from SM Megamall’s social media team must either have a sick sense of humor or not own an actual calendar, because they’ve just posted a picture and graphic[1] for a promo that’s slated for February 30 – which we all know is a date that doesn’t exist. Febrary only goes up to the 28th, and 29 on leap years. So what gives? We don’t know, but we’ll have whatever SM is smoking!


Well, either they’ve made a serious mistake here, or an intentional one to gather hype. They’ve even come up with a real hashtag #SMFeb30th – so what gives? Are we being punked? We sure hope not – if they’re did this intentionally to get publicity then sadly we’ve just helped.

But the comedy was too hard to pass up.

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