Need For Speed Most Wanted Is Free From Origin For A Limited Time!

by Alexei Rivera | February 3, 2016 10:52 am

Looking for a game to own and play on your PC that doesn’t require microtransactions every minute or long wait times and ads after every action? Well, you might want to look at Origin’s new free game: 2012’s Need For Speed Most Wanted. Its your classic racing video game of course with tuned race cars and cops – and its free from EA’s Origin[1]¬†game distribution service. If you’re not familiar with that then you’ll have to educate yourself, but its basically like Steam but for companies that don’t want to play nice with Valve. Anyway, install Origin, sign up for an account and get your free game. The only thing they want from you is to be part of their system so maybe later on you’ll actually buy a game. Statistics!

But why complain when you’re getting a free game anyways? Have fun!

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