Until Dawn Is A Great Looking PS4 Survival Horror Game – Coming August 25

by Alexei Rivera | August 11, 2015 3:19 am

August is shaping up to be a great month for gaming with some solid releases for our favorite home consoles. One such title coming out would be Until Dawn – an eerily great looking horror game coming exclusively to the PS4. If you don’t believe us on the graphics front, check out the trailer embedded above!

BlankThumbnailTitleDeveloperPricePlatformRelease DateGenrePre-Order BonusLanguagesModesRating
Until DawnSupermassive GamesPHP 2,499PlayStation 4 (Exclusive)August 25, 2015Interactive Horror"Until Dawn" SteelbookEnglish Audio, Chinese & English SubtitlesSingle Player, 12 Player Multiplayer18+

The game is set in some sort of remote mountain where 8 characters – perfectly motion-captured from real Hollywood actors – are trapped, and possibly must survive some sort of horror. And with a branching storyline, there’s enough gameplay to last even completionists a while.

The game is slated to launch this month on the 25th, and if you pre-order before then you’ll get a limited Steelbook while supplies last. Pre-Orders end on August 21st, so drop by your nearest retailer to save your copy!

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