Google Cardboard Unboxing – Budget Virtual Reality Goggles For PHP 400

by Alexei Rivera | April 6, 2015 5:50 pm

Virtual Reality is real and it apparently only costs 400 Pesos. Yes, and all that is possible with Google Cardboard – a little pizza box with cheap lenses inside that will turn any Android smartphone into a VR goggle complete with head tracking and a full 3D immersive experience. We recently bought a DIY kit from Abubot.PH[1] and built one ourselves. So check out our unboxing and quick test!

The beauty of Google Cardboard is essentially its a wireless VR experience. Oculus Rift, one of the big VR companies that started the recent craze is powered externally and connects to a PC for 3D Rendering. Granted, a high-end PC can deliver much more detailed graphics and an Oculus is far more comfortable than a pizza box on your face, but at least this one only costs PHP 400.

And while we don’t always want to game in VR, the head-mounted large screen itself allows for great media consumption – since it can turn your 5″ phone into what seems like a large movie theater on your face. And you can watch your movies lying down, or privately on a plane – if only the passengers didn’t look at you weird while catching up on the latest episode of CSI: Cyber.

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