Starmobile Outs Engage 10 Pro – It’s Own Windows 8.1 Tablet Hybrid For P11,999!

by Alexei Rivera | February 27, 2015 11:12 pm

The hybrid Windows PC landscape just got even more competitive as local brand Starmobile brings out their own interpretation – the Engage 10 Pro[1]. Its got an HD screen, Quad-Core Atom processor, 2 Gigs of RAM and full Windows 8.1 with Microsoft Office 365. Par for the course we know, but this brand’s keyboard dock looks pretty nice and has a fullsize USB port.


Starmobile Engage 10 Pro – PHP 11,999

As most Windows tablet PCs go, the Engage 10 Pro’s specs are pretty much in line with what we expect. (Its main competitor probably being the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph[3].) The deciding factor in these devices though would be the design and Starmobile’s looks like a decent one at that.¬†Would be nice if we could get a closer look when its out, but that keyboard dock is definitely a point of our interest.

The Engage 10 Pro will be available in March and comes with the aforementioned keyboard dock, screen protector, USB OTG cable and charging cable.

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