LG Watch Urbane Is A Designer Android Wear Smartwatch On Steroids

by Alexei Rivera | February 17, 2015 12:49 am

If you thought the LG G Watch R[1] is the most luxurious-looking a smartwatch can get, then you haven’t seen the newly announced LG Watch Urbane. While it shares the same specs as its predecessor, the new luxury Android Wear is even thinner and built with smaller bezels. Finished in either polished silver or gold, the new device will debut at the upcoming Mobile World Congress this March.


LG Watch Urbane – Price TBD

As a proud owner of the G Watch R, we’re surprised LG managed to improve on its original design so quickly. While we’re a little sad ours is not the hottest one in town anymore, you just have to admit the Urbane looks good.

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