Cherry Mobile Alpha Play Unboxing–8” Full Windows 8.1 Tablet PC For Only PHP 7,999

by Alexei Rivera | September 29, 2014 8:23 am



Well, here it is guys – one of the first full-blown Windows PCs from Cherry Mobile, the 8” Alpha Play. The Play is of course a touchscreen tablet that can run all your legacy desktop apps like Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, and yes even your PC games – assuming its not too demanding on processor power. But, for most tasks the asking price of PHP 7,999 should make the Play an excellent choice for students looking for a portable work and play machine. So without further ado, unboxing and specs are below!





Cherry Mobile Alpha Play – PHP 7,999


And there you have it guys, a nice portable Windows device for taking all of your Windows apps and files with you. We believe its available now in limited quantities so far so check it out at stores if you can find them!


We’ll be posting some gaming tests on the Alpha Play on a separate post, so check back soon to see how much you can push the Alpha Play when it comes to PC games.



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