Cherry Mobile Flare 3 Unboxing–Upgraded Spec Quad-Core 5" For Only 4k! (Unscripted)

by Alexei Rivera | July 31, 2014 9:44 am



Well guys, you asked for it. You asked for it and despite our extreme lack of sleep we’ve managed to give it to you: the first (we think) detailed video unboxing of the new and improved Cherry Mobile Flare 3, the local brand’s current “Phablet ng Bayan”. With specs that you would normally find in a PHP 5k or even higher price point, the Flare 3 manages the PHP 3,999 sweet spot while simultaneously boosting its specs up to a 5” qHD IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, and 8GBs of storage. So what does it look like, and how do the specs perform in our sort of detailed unboxing battery of tests? Find out in our video below!


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Cherry Mobile Flare 3 – PHP 3,999


Additional information after testing:


And there you have it. We can’t believe that video was 20 minutes long, but we hope its got everything you need – cause we certainly didn’t get much sleep doing it. Anyway, the phone will be launched on August 2 initially at limited quantities. For the first 100 buyers, they’ll receive a free powerbank, flip cover (nice), and screen protector. Not bad for being an early birdie. Grab one if you’re so inclined!



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