Tamrac Zipshot Tripod Review–Quick Deploy Lightweight Tripod For Small Cameras

by Alexei Rivera | July 21, 2014 7:59 am



Given that we actually record, edit, and post a lot of videos on our site (and on our YouTube channel[1]), we actually use and delve in your usual photography (videography) equipment here and there. One such product that we’ve been using for quite a while now is the Tamrac Zipshot – it’s a small “foldable” tripod that was meant for lightweight systems and fast setup / photography. If you find yourselves being weighed down by a conventional tripod or need something that deploys faster, this might be the answer for you. So without further ado, check out our video review of the Tamrac Zipshot below.







  • Lightweight & small
  • Deploys and folds down fast
  • Folding technology may amaze your friends


  • Height not adjustable
  • Won’t support heavier cameras
  • Tripod wobbles


The Tamrac Zipshot is about PHP 2,000 when I bought it (on Ebay.Ph) but you can probably find one or a Class A copy online or at some photography stores. Check it out if you’ve always wanted a quick, lightweight tripod solution.



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  1. YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/theTechnoclast

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