Cherry Mobile Omega Icon Unboxing–Quad-Core & Dragon Trail For P6.5k (Unscripted)

by Alexei Rivera | May 28, 2014 8:26 am



What has a Snapdragon 200 processor, Dragon Trail HD display, Front facing (selfie) flash, a pleather back, and only costs PHP 6,499? It’s the Cherry Mobile Omega Icon! A new iconic (hey, nice pun!) phone that looks and feels like the extremely popular Omega HD 1.0[1] and Omega HD 2.0[2] (especially with that Asahi scratch-resistant display), but with some really welcome improvements and a very affordable new price. We just got one today and so we’re doing an unscripted unboxing for you so check it out down below!





Cherry Mobile Omega Icon – PHP 6,499


Well, that was impressive. Even if the back wasn’t all soft-touch and pleather-y, the superior build quality, materials, and the Snapdragon processor makes this guy an easy recommendation – especially with its low price of PHP 6,499. There’s been a lot of buzz recently over MediaTek 6582 phones in the PHP 4-8k price range, but apparently a Snapdragon 200 device is the one that wins in the end. That said though, we still have to put it through its paces for camera, battery, and any software or hardware issues we can find. So do check back for our full review which will follow soon!







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  1. Omega HD 1.0:
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