Cherry Mobile Introduces Topaz & Hidden Treasures Line–Budget Droids For PHP 2,299

by Alexei Rivera | April 5, 2014 2:15 pm



Seems like the recent introduction of the Dual-Core Amethyst[1] was just the tip of the iceberg for Cherry Mobile’s new brand of budget smartphones – they’ve just teased a new member of what seems to be part of a line of 7 new devices. This new phone is called the Topaz and it shares a lot of the same specs as the one before it – Dual-Core processor, 3.5” display, 2MP camera, and 2GB ROM. Not all of the specs were revealed though, but the price is the same – PHP 2,299. More importantly, Cherry Mobile is asking everybody to “guess the rest” of the line. 5 more phones to be revealed. Anyway, check out the specs of the Topaz below.


Cherry Mobile Topaz – PHP 2,299



Interestingly Cherry Mobile is opting to release phones that have very similar specs with identical prices. Maybe the Hidden Treasures line is designed to be that way. Either way, there’s no information if this is available yet, but the Amethyst is already available in some stores. Check it out if you’re interested!



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  1. Dual-Core Amethyst:

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