PS4 Wins Big In Next Gen Game Console Streaming–Adds 10% Spike To Twitch.TV

PS4 Wins Big In Next Gen Game Console Streaming–Adds 10% Spike To Twitch.TV
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We’re big fans of Xbox (360) here at The Technoclast but we still don’t know why Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, couldn’t put Twitch streaming with webcam support and live commentary on the Xbox One straight out the box. Its pretty much a role reversal of sorts in this generation but the PlayStation 4 seems to be winning out in features that gamers want – a dedicated Twitch streaming system from their next gen gaming consoles. Reports from Twitch and (admittedly) Sony have just come out that the new PlayStation 4, which can stream gameplay, have added a significant amount of content to the site – in the tune of about 100,000 more users (from 600,000 to 700,000+) and 10% of all total video now coming from the next-gen console. That’s huge, and it’s a big win for the Japanese console.


While we can’t say it’s the end for the Xbox One, they’ll have to move their butts to get in the hearts of the streaming population after this. They have promised an update to give users the ability to stream but given Microsoft’s schedule for Xbox updates (major ones only happen twice a year), that might be a long time from now. The console does have recording itself, and can upload to and SkyDrive’s cloud storage – which admittedly allows users to edit and manipulate files as they like but its just not as connected to social networks as the Sony console.


Overall, this won’t really affect a huge part of the gaming population out there. Sony claims to have sold 2.1 Million PS4 units so far – which means 100,000 PS4 users that use Twitch streaming is about 5% of the whole. However streaming and YouTube game content is getting bigger each year, and no doubt seeing the games on video might entice consumers to pick up that console and their respective titles. It just so happens that currently the only console that can do that is the PS4.


Source/s: PlayStation Blog, Twitch Blog, PRNewsWire



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