Cloudfone To Update 530qx To Version 5–Will Allow SD Installs For App Data (Hooray!)

Cloudfone To Update 530qx To Version 5–Will Allow SD Installs For App Data (Hooray!)
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We love the Cloudfone Thrill 530qx – it’s a great phone with a huge battery, great camera, and competitive specs with but one main issue – the inability to have large app data to the SD card. (Mostly affects games from Gameloft.) Surprisingly though, in a rare but welcome action by the local brand, Cloudfone has heard consumer feedback and has taken action to fix it with an update. In an post made a few hours ago on their Facebook fan page, the company has announced an update for the large-battery phone that will bring it to Version 5 from Version 4.


According to the post, the update will “be able to provide you with a smoother experience in handling and storing apps and files on the CloudFone Thrill 530qx.” While that doesn’t specifically say it will give you the ability to install app data to your SD Card, we’re going to assume that it does because we couldn’t find any other reason for a major update like that. (And if we’re wrong, then that would be a bummer.)


Anyway, if you’re a CloudFone Thrill 530qx owner and are using Version 4, head on over to either SM North EDSA or Cash & Carry CloudFone kiosks to get your update. There’s supposedly no need to bring proof of purchase, so that simplifies the process a little bit. Of course, an Over-The-Air update would be nicer for our friends in the provinces, but there’s no option for that currently. (Sometimes, local brands will also put up the update file on their site after an initial rollout of the update from their kiosks. We hope CloudFone can do that later on as well.)


Like we said in our review, we’ll gladly give the phone a higher score if the SD install issue gets resolved. And if this update does what we think it does, then we can much easily recommend the phone from here on out. So if you own one and got the update, let us know what you think!



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  1. Marcus
    December 02, 20:28 #1 Marcus

    Not “might” anymore. It has been fixed by the software update.

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