Raffle Announcement! Win A newKube MP3 Player For Your Portable Entertainment!

by Alexei Rivera | September 30, 2013 10:11 am



As announced on our last episode of the #BigTimeShow[2] where we discussed the newKube MP3 player, we’re going to be raffling off one of these guys for you to enjoy! If you haven’t figured it out, the newKube is a very small MP3 player that holds your songs (or other audio files) in a MicroSD card and plays them back through any your speakers or headphones (via 3.5mm jack of course). Priced at PHP 1,599 and lasts about 6 hours on internal battery its not a back pickup for long commutes or as a gift. Our review on it will be up shortly but you can join our raffle for one right now by hopping over the jump below!


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Best of luck to you guys and check out the newKube at your favorite music stores if you can!




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