Epson Shows Off Of Its Lipa, Batangas Plant; Launches New 3D & Interactive Projectors

Epson Shows Off Of Its Lipa, Batangas Plant; Launches New 3D & Interactive Projectors
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Epson Precision Philippines Incorporated (EPPI) recently held a tour and launch at their plant located in Lipa City, Batangas. The newly-expanded facility employs 10,400 employees and is capable of producing 40 printers and 7 projectors per minute – products that are mainly shipped overseas as exports. Epson is also the undisputed #1 Brand in the world for projector sales, with a whopping 26.2% of the market share – a feat that can be attributed to its feature-rich projector lineup. And the Japanese company is looking to bolster that lineup with the launch of 7 new models – which include 3D projectors for both the office and home, as well as interactive short-throw models for collaborations and business meetings.




The tour of the plant gave us a look at the inner workings on Epson’s assembly lines and how they work on their efficiency and speed. Production volume at the EPPI plant has been growing steadily year-over-year and the company is not looking to slow down any time soon. The plant also continues to be active in the community and it’s environmental responsibilities. Their products use 25% recycled plastic, which prevents any undue waste and loss of quality. In the Philippines, Epson has also launched their Inkjet cartridge recycling program, and their employees participate in advocacies like donating to PWDs; aiding in the maintenance of schools; book donations; tree plantings; and the like.


After the tour, Epson took the opportunity to introduce their newest line of projectors – which include a slew of 3D capable units for both business and education; 3D projectors designed for home entertainment; and short-throw projectors tailored for businesses that need interactive displays.




Epson EB-W16 & EB-W16SK are both 3D projectors that support all versions of the 3D standard (there are various versions that some projectors don’t actually support) in passive and active type projection. Pictured above is the EB-W16SK which has 2 stacked projectors for passive 3D. Its designed for larger audiences or auditoriums that prefer glasses that do not need batteries. It’s single-stack brother, the EB-W16, is more practical for smaller setups where active battery-powered 3D glasses would be preferred. Both projectors are targeted for educational and/or business use.




For home entertainment the EH-TW6100 and the EH-TW8100 are the ones to get and both are new versions to their popular predecessors in the line. Capable of projecting native Full HD 1080p in 3D at 480 hertz is the major selling point for these – guaranteeing much brighter and flicker free home entertainment experiences. The TW8100 has an additional lens-shift feature that can correct a distorted image so you can place the projector offset to the left or right of the screen if needed. Both projectors use active 3D and can convert 2D movies/images to 3D as well.




Finally the last set of projectors include the EB-400 series, the EB-1400wi, and the EB-1410wi – interactive type projectors for ideal for business meetings and collaborative efforts. The EB-400 is a short-throw projector series designed for tabletop use and is a great choice for consumers looking for an affordable interactive unit. While the last two units are ultra-short-throw devices with a more extensive feature list that includes capabilities like wireless connectivity; ability to be used without a PC; Dual-Pen simultaneous capabilities; output options for collaborated work; compatibility with Microsoft Word native formats; and other such features. The EB-1400wi is capable of up to 2600 lumens while the EB-1410wi can do up to 3100.


Here’s a quick video on what the EB-1410wi can do for you.



So if you’re on the lookout for some 3D projectors or something that can be used to manipulate data on the screen directly, check out the current lineup of Epson devices wherever they may be offered near you. For more information, also check out their website here.


For more pictures of the event, check out the gallery below.




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