All You Shallow Vapid Idiots Deserve Each Other–A Janine Tugonon Gossip Reaction

by Alexei Rivera | April 26, 2013 12:39 am



Here in the Philippines, a recent “scandalous” story has come to light in some TV show about some vapid people talking about their shallow vapid lives. Which admittedly, happens pretty much every day. But this one time, we just had to react. Why? Because the topic is now being discussed internationally as a blind item in dating sites as some sort of scenario – one that I’m very sad to say has actually happened in real life. That’s right, I’m officially ashamed how shallow and pointless some of our countrymen are living their lives.


So yeah, dating sites are now using the Janine Tugonon gossip as a blind item. I’m not sad that they’re using it, but sad to learn how shallow a girl can be. I’m also sad that on a cooking segment, the country’s most idiotic TV personality literally drills her and her ex-boyfriend about it like a dog in heat for some juicy tabloid ratings. I’m also sad that this most idiotic TV personality is the sister of the President of the Philippines. I’m also sad how much of a weakling this boyfriend is to just stand there and take it – both from the idiotic TV personality, and his shallow vapid ex-girlfriend. He couldn’t even stand up for himself long enough to say, "None of your God damned business."


These people definitely deserve each other. Hopefully in hell.


If you understand the language, (and want to see the Filipino version of white trash) go have a look at the video where it all happens below.








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