Cherry Mobile Finally Reveals OMEGA–Jelly Bean, 5.2” Screen, & Dual-Core For PHP 6,699

by Alexei Rivera | January 25, 2013 5:02 pm



Hot on the heels of their highly successful Flare & Titan[2] android phones, Cherry Mobile is hoping to add a new notch into their belt with their just-announced Omega. The new phone packs a massive 5.2” screen; runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean; and has a large 2,300mAh battery. Most of the features that we loved on the Titan are present, but in a slightly different package. Which means the Dual-Core 1Ghz processor, 5MP Camera with VGA Front (not sure if it has a flash yet), and the Dual-SIM 3G capabilities are still there. Priced at PHP 200 higher than the Titan at PHP 6,699, the Omega is targeted at users who prefer an even larger phone with respectable battery life and running Google’s  (sort-of) latest Android operating system. Anyway, hop on over the jump to ogle those specs in even more detail.


Cherry Mobile Omega – PHP 6,699


So what’s our call on the Cherry Mobile Omega? Well its still quite early to tell. Specs indeed seem very promising, so we’d love to test the phone out for ourselves to make sure its got no bugs. Since its fairly similar to the Titan, what we’ll say here is that they have the same screen resolution, and the Omega doesn’t use an IPS display. You will basically be paying an extra PHP 200 for the larger screen and Jelly Bean (with a loss of a little battery size). That’s actually not a bad deal, so it’ll be up to our tests (if we get to review one) if it is a solid smartphone for your money. In the meantime, be on the lookout for something Omega at your nearest Cherry Mobile stores!


Source: Cherry Mobile Blog[3]



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