Cherry Mobile Launches Titan & Flare–The Most Affordable Dual-Core Androids To Date

Cherry Mobile Launches Titan & Flare–The Most Affordable Dual-Core Androids To Date
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Well, we don’t really know what to say anymore except Cherry Mobile did it again – it set the standard for maximum specs & minimum price for what seems to have been so many times now. This time, they’re breaking new ground by offering extremely low-priced Dual-Core smartphones with all the bells and whistles of a flagship device. We’re talking about the recently released Cherry Mobile Flare and Cherry Mobile Titan – both Dual-Core, 3G Capable, Dual-SIM, 5MP Camera-equipped phones (with Flash and VGA Front Camera), and even running Ice Cream Sandwich to boot. The biggest shocker here is the price: PHP 3,999 for the 4”-screened Flare, and PHP 6,499 for the massive 5”-screened Titan. By far, these phones are the most affordable Dual-Core Android smartphones that we know of and will likely set the tone for what we should expect from manufacturers as we go forward.




The Cherry Mobile Titan is probably what you would call the company’s flagship phone, given that it’s the most noticeable out of the bunch with its massive 5” screen. Indeed, this is their iconic new massive droid that you could almost say is poised to compete with current generation large screen tablet phones. Of course it does have what it takes as well – packing a 1Ghz Dual-Core processor, 5MP Camera with Flash, VGA Front Facing camera, and the aforementioned 5.0” capacitive screen with a WVGA (800×480) resolution. To top it off you’ll be getting what looks to be a near-stock build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – making the Titan one of the first phones from Cherry Mobile to pack Google’s relatively new mobile OS. And how much would you need to pay for something like this? A record shattering PHP 6,499. Crazy.




Not to be outdone, the Cherry Mobile Flare is on a league of its own as well. While it packs a relatively tame 4.0” 800×480 screen and less noticeable form factor, some would argue that its specs rival that of the Titan itself (and even surpass it in some aspects). With features that include its 5MP camera with LED Flash, VGA front facing camera, and running Ice Cream Sandwich (no small feat), it has also managed to get a respectable 1.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and an IPS display. To the informed, they would know that Qualcomm’s chips are generally regarded to be superior to most Android chip manufacturers. Similarly, IPS screens are considered to be one of the best for viewing angles, color accuracy, brightness, and contrast. Given those two very specific nuances, we’d definitely give it to the Flare for being a worthy rival to the Titan’s large screen design. And the best part about the Flare? Its nearly half the price of the Titan at only PHP 3,999. Massive value for your money right there.


With prices that would normally rival entry-level Android devices with paltry sub-1Ghz single core processors, Cherry Mobile has effectively brought Dual-Core power, Dual-SIM 3G capacities, and Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses. Expect these phones to be in very high demand as they arrive in stores in the coming days. (End of October for the Titan, and first week of November for the Flare.) Be sure to check them out when you get the chance.



To catch more of these phones in action, check out our launch preview video above. You can also check out our live YouTube stream of the #BigTimeShow on October 27, 10PM where we will thoroughly discuss the Flare and Titan’s features. We’ll have a Flare on hand to demo during the show so feel free to join us there and ask us everything you want to know!


For more pictures of the event, check out our gallery below!




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  1. Jace
    November 03, 18:14 #1 Jace

    Hi Sir Alexie!

    Just wanted to ask if you were planning on Rooting the Flare. :)

    Found a guide to rooting it (or rather its Indian pre-rebranding counterpart) and since I don’t have my own unit, baka lang you might want to try it on yours.

    Can’t wait til the middle of the month!

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    • Jo Grabz
      November 11, 00:14 Jo Grabz

      Nkita ko po sa review nyang flare in youtube n nalaro ung game na ShadowGun , Panu po un n install sa Flare eh my game cache po ung game n un … Thanks

      > Appreciate for the soonest response . thank you !!

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