Popular Physics Tablet Game Contre Jour Is Multitouch Playable On Internet Explorer 10

by Alexei Rivera | October 24, 2012 5:23 am



In an effort to introduce more users to the new features, security enhancements, and capabilities of their Internet Explorer 10 browser, Microsoft is partnering with software developers to launch powerful multitouch applications that run natively on their web browsing software. Chief on this list is a game called “Contre Jour[2]” – an award winning physics puzzler known in various mobile platforms (iOS in particular) for its simple, yet addictive touch gameplay. The game joins the growing list of Redmond’s browser apps which include classic game offerings in the form of an Atari Arcade[3] website; a fullscreen RSS reader called Pulse[4]; and ZeptoLab’s Cut The Rope[5]. While most of these applications can be run for free on other browsers, some levels do require the multitouch control that only Windows 8 / IE10 offers.


contre jour monster world petit and rose[6]


Contre Jour, a French term meaning “against daylight”, is a physics puzzler that requires the player to push or pull terrain in order for a one-eyed orb (Petit) to reach the blue light (goal). Along the way, you can collect up to three smaller blue orbs to reach the maximum score for the level – similar to stars in a game of Angry Birds or Cut The Rope. Levels get increasingly more complex, and some would require moving terrain and objects with more than one or two fingers. The game can be played through any modern web browser today, but it is optimized with IE10 and multitouch in mind.



Internet Explorer 10 will be available to Windows 8 upgraders or through new hybrid Windows 8 devices, both of which should be on sale starting October 26, 2012. In the meantime, feel free to have a couple of games of Contre Jour, Missle Command, or Cut The Rope to bide the time.



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