Big Time Show (8/26/2012) – Globe vs. Smart LTE, Apple vs. Samsung, & Special Guest!

by Alexei Rivera | September 6, 2012 2:56 pm



On the 4th public episode of the #BigTimeShow[2], we go LTE crazy! (Also, lawsuit crazy.) The show’s topic this time is about the two major Philippine telcos announcements and launches of their respective 4G Long Term Evolution internet plan – a much awaited development in the notoriously ridiculously slow internet in the Pearl of the Orient. Next, we spend a long long time talking about the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung – where the former was awarded $1.05B for patent infringement. We get kinda hairy on this one and we probably bored the living socks out of our audience with the whole right or wrong, true or false, proven or not proven bullshit, but that’s why you hate/love us, right? Finally, we welcome a special guest in the form of Mr. Ask Hideki[3], who graced us with his presence. As usual, you can watch the YouTube version just after the jump (clickable annotations not working for now), and/or you can get the iTunes / RSS / MP3 version just below it. Have at it!



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Alright, that’s it for the past episode! We promise it won’t be as long and debate-y next time. But there you go. Thanks for watching / listening and see you next week!


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