Here’s How To Get A .3DV Video To Watch On Your Cherry Mobile Spark 3D Screen

Here’s How To Get A .3DV Video To Watch On Your Cherry Mobile Spark 3D Screen
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Screenshot of the Sample 3D video on the Cherry Mobile Spark 3D


Ever since we posted the unboxing of the Cherry Mobile Spark 3D – the affordable Dual SIM mobile phone with a unique 3D screen and 2D to 3D picture capabilities – there has been a tremendous amount of interest and comments on the article and video. To date, it has over 15,000 views, 230 likes, and 130 comments. So far, most of the questions have of course been about the 3D capabilities of the phone and how to maximize it – particularly on where to download more 3DV videos. These videos are, from what we can understand, is some sort of video format that has two sides of a 3D video that the phone can understand and play back. Up until recently, we had no idea where to find new ones to put into the phone. But now, thanks to a commenter on YouTube named SaiScythe, we might have found a way for you to get more of those eye popping 3D videos. Hop over the jump to find out how!


The process of getting a new 3DV file is apparently not so hard. After investigating what SaiScythe has told us, the sample video that came with the phone turned out to be a simple video file in MP4 format with 480×320 resolution. The catch is that the video is cut in the middle vertically, with each side of the video playing back on the left and right. That means, there’s no complex codec here to work with, we just need videos that are split in the middle. And getting those are pretty easy – just download 3D videos from YouTube.


The easiest way to do that is to find a good 3D video to watch, then click on the 3D button. Just find videos that have that button clickable on the bottom area like the example video embedded below. Of course, if you don’t like that one you can find more from the main channel for all stereoscopic content here.



One you see the video you like, click on the 3D button near the quality icon on the lower right side.




Change the Red / Cyan option (or whatever option is selected) into Side by side.




Your video will now look like the one below. Just use a simple downloader like Chrome YouTube Downloader and pick MP4 (360p).




You should now get an MP4 file in 640×360 format. It’s a little larger than the original sample video, but from what we hear it should be fine. (We can’t test it right now though since we don’t have the phone anymore, but if you’re having trouble, you’ll have to convert the video to 480×320 resolution. We’ll have someone test it soon to make sure.) The last step is to simply rename the MP4 file into 3DV and copy it onto your Cherry Mobile Spark 3D.




That should be it! Enjoy your new 3DV video on your Cherry Mobile Spark 3D and Let us know how that works out for you. (And if the video needs converted to 480×320, we’ll try to update this guide on how to do that too.) Happy watchingings!


Thanks for the tip, SaiScythe!



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