AOC Launches Affordable 9.2mm Slim IPS & 3D-Capable 1080p Monitors In 23” & 27”

AOC Launches Affordable 9.2mm Slim IPS & 3D-Capable 1080p Monitors In 23” & 27”
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This is an IPS monitor – notice that uncompromised viewing angle and color quality


AOC (apparently short for Art of Colors) is poised to introduce a few new slim and/or near-borderless 1080p monitors into the Philippine PC population – the Passive-3D capable D2357Ph (& D2757Ph); and the IPS-powered i2353Ph. If you can guess from those model numbers above, you’ll deduce that the 3D units come in a 23-inch and a 27-inch version. You’d be correct. Which would then leave the i2353 to be the IPS panel outright. (though the D2757 has IPS too) What’s notable about these guys is that a.) one is probably one of the more affordable 1080p IPS displays with a slim profile (PHP 12,400), and b.) the other delivers a near-borderless design with passive-3D for a relatively affordable (PHP 16,400) price as well.




If you haven’t heard of IPS, you might have at least heard of an iPhone 4 or 4s. That retina display that everybody loves for its colors and viewing angles is an IPS screen. (Of course, Apple didn’t invent it though.) In a nutshell, it is a technology which provides near 180-degree viewing angles, superior colors & sharp image quality. Basically, its one of the best displays you can get. Which is why AOC’s PHP 12,400 1080p display is kind of a big thing. The i2353Ph may not have the Passive 3D capabilities of its brothers, but more than makes up for it by being an affordable IPS display with a slim 9.2mm design. If a 2D 1080p monitor with near-faultless viewing angles floats your boat, this might be your best choice.


The D2357Ph (left) and the i2357Ph (Right).


If 3D is more your thing, or the lack of a border on displays, these guys will probably do the trick more for you. Both the D2357Ph and the D2757Ph feature a 1080p Passive-3D screen. These use the non-active non-battery-powered glasses, which greatly improves the 3D viewing experience. They’re also very nearly borderless, with the 27” version having a mere 2mm border – perfect for multi-monitor setups. (5.8mm on the 23”) For more access to 3D content, AOC also provides a 2D to 3D converter that works for most pictures, games, and applications.


The D2357Ph is available now for PHP 16,400, while the D2757Ph IPS unit is expected to arrive soon with a price of about PHP 19,000. For your money you’ll also be getting two passive 3D glasses and a clip-on for consumers who are already using prescription lenses. Honestly, we’d love to see somebody stick 3 of the 27” units together for an almost seamless 81” screen. (IPS with 2mm borders and playing/watching 3D content should look really awesome.)


So if you’re shopping for that next PC display and want something that’s slim, thin-bordered, IPS-powered, and/or 3D, be sure to check out an AOC monitor at your nearest retailer.



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