Samson Meteor Mic Unboxing–Professional Quality Mic With Classic Design For PHP 3.5k

Samson Meteor Mic Unboxing–Professional Quality Mic With Classic Design For PHP 3.5k
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The Samson Meteor Mic


Sometimes you gotta splurge a bit on your audio equipment – especially if you plan on producing some good audio here and there. When it comes to us here in The Technoclast, we pride ourselves in the quality of our audio and video that we put out – as evidenced by our dedication to our HD videos and unboxings at our YouTube channel. Recently though, we’ve also decided to upgrade our dedicated production microphone to a little bit more enthusiast quality. (Which you’ll be able to experience in our future videos.) Hence our purchase of the Samsung Meteor Mic. It is one of the more higher quality USB condenser microphones out there and admittedly we also picked it up for its rather dashing 60’s chrome design. Who could resist, right? Anyway, get a load of what it can do in our unboxing video below!



So the Samson Meteor Mic is what you would call a semi-pro or enthusiast-level microphone for budding podcasters, musicians, voice over artists, and various other potential uses for high quality audio. Of course, you can still use it for your typical voice chats, video conferencing, video blogging, audio recordings, and the like. A decent-sized 25mm diaphragm (in shotgun / directional / cardioid pickup pattern) delivers flat response over its 20-20kHz frequency band – which you can probably tell is very high quality in our video. As you may have also seen, it has that classic chrome-plated zinc body, handy folding legs (with rubber feet), and the 3.5mm monitoring headphone jack on the back. Unfortunately, it can’t run without USB power so you’ll need a computer/laptop/iPad/tablet/phone to set it up. (Bit of a bummer for people who would like to use it as an interview mic, for example.)


Minor niggles aside, the PHP 3,490 price tag from Channel International Audio Supply didn’t bother us at all. For something that sounds as good as that, (and at the same time looks as good as that,) we’re very happy. So if you’re interested in doing your own music production, podcasts, or other audio related work, consider the Samson Meteor Mic for your needs.



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  1. rnovino
    July 21, 11:55 #1 rnovino

    is this better than the samson go mic? although they have the same manufacturer :)

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    • panzerpuff
      July 23, 08:19 panzerpuff Author

      The Samson Go Mic was our first choice when we wanted to buy something but it was out of stock at the store so we checked out the Meteor Mic. The Go Mic has more features technically since it has a switch that toggles audio pickup modes for Cardoid (directional), Omnidirectional, and -10 dB. So if you need more utility, the Go Mic would probably serve you better.

      We settled for the Meteor mic because of its size, build quality, and slightly better audio. The Go Mic is a little small and the mic itself is built of plastics (the clip is very sturdy metal) so due to that it seemed a little flimsy.

      If you wanted to impress who you’re interviewing or have a nice looking mic stood up on your desk, the Meteor one is better. :P

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  2. ramon bayron
    August 15, 16:57 #2 ramon bayron

    for our upcoming podcasts i’m looking for blue yeti until i watched this samson meteor vid. any word you might have on blue yeti and is it within samson’s price range? thanks :)

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    • panzerpuff
      August 16, 13:22 panzerpuff Author

      The Blue Yeti is a little bit more expensive but the Yeti we’ve seen has multiple input patterns so it can do stereo, bidirectional and omni. The Meteor Mic’s main competition would be the Blue Snowball which is another popular choice.

      Here in the Philippines its hard to find Blue products and Samson makes good ones so we opted for the Meteor mic and its unique design. Hope that helps!

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