Android 1-Day Sale Today–Only $1 For Games Like Draw Something, GTA III, And Mass Effect

Android 1-Day Sale Today–Only $1 For Games Like Draw Something, GTA III, And Mass Effect
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If you’re keen on grabbing some very cool games for your new (or not relatively new) Android phone, you should check out the One-Day sale that’s happening right now on the Google Play store. A total of 15 apps (a bunch of them are games) are on sale right now and all of them are priced at about $1 each. Some good games are in there too – like Mass Effect, Order & Chaos Online, NBA Jam, Draw Something, and of course Grand Theft Auto III. You can, of course, also grab a couple of the productivity apps available and on sale, but you’ll have to check them out if you think they’re worth your buck. They are, after all, competing against some very great games for your top dinaro, right?


The full list of discounted apps are here:

  1. Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals – We guess it’s a recipe app of some sort
  2. Draw Something by OMGPOP – If you’ve been annoyed about not having enough colors to draw in the free version, you’ll be starting with a bunch of coins and stuff with this premium version.
  3. Grand Theft Auto III – Not sure if this game needs a description, but since we own it we just want people to know that it was designed with large screens in mind.
  4. Blue Hat, Green Hat – We’re not really sure what this is, but it looks like a story book.
  5. mSecure – It’s a password manager. Not much to say about that.
  6. Mini Motor Racing – Looks like a pretty cool, 3D top-down racing game
  7. Order & Chaos Online – One of the first and few full fledged Android Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs.
  8. Clouds & Sheep Premium – Looks like a God-ish simulation game taking care of sheep and playing with them.
  9. Mass Effect Infiltrator – A third person shooter set in the Mass Effect franchise. We’ve just gonna buy this one without really needing to know much more than that.
  10. Alarm Clock by doubleTwist – Its an Alarm Clock!
  11. NBA Jam – Classic NBA Jam on your Android devices. Pretty self explanatory.
  12. RepliGo PDF Reader – If you haven’t gotten any PDF readers yet for your device, this one costs a dollar more than all of them.
  13. Guns n’ Glory WW2 Premium – One of the slightly popular tower defense-like games on the Android market
  14. FlightTrack – It does what it says, tracks flights. Only for really jetsetting people it seems.
  15. Moo, Baa, La La La! – Looks like another children’s book app from the same guys who made the Blue Hat, Green Hat one.


So there you have it guys, if any of those games and apps (mind you we feel that paying $1 for a PDF reader or Alarm Clock is weird) tickle your fancy head on over to the Google Play Store and grab yourself a pretty affordable non-pirated copy of these fine products. You will need a form of online payment for these though, so hopefully you got one. Happy gaming!



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