CMKCellphones Now Selling The 41 MP Nokia 808 PureView Cameraphone For PHP 24,900

CMKCellphones Now Selling The 41 MP Nokia 808 PureView Cameraphone For PHP 24,900
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Nokia 808
The Nokia 808 Pureview in its different colors


Cameraphone lovers rejoice! Your newest, most favoritiest phone for taking pictures while fielding calls and texts is finally here – the Nokia 808 PureView. It didn’t seem like it was too long ago when it was announced back in February, but to some dedicated cameraphone folk and to the rest of the curious world, it did seem like quite a while. Fast forward 4 months later, and CMKCellphones is now offering the 41MP device for PHP 24,900. Yes, you heard it right: there is 41 MegaPixels* on that camera sensor. Though, we put an asterisk on that number for a reason, and we’ll explain it to you after the jump. Suffice to conclude though that a whole new level of megapixel, camera, and phone debates await this new device.


So before you start either shouting off the rooftops, laughing at your SLR-using friends, or criticize the ridiculous amount of pixels on the device, let’s first clarify what it actually does. In practice the phone will only take advantage of 38MP (as 4:3 format) on its 1/1.2” sensor since the 41MP value is the largest square area on the sensor – and we all know nobody takes square images (unless you exclusively take pictures for Instagram). Of that 38MP, the PureView technology was designed to prefer binning and oversampling the pixels to create a much cleaner, low-noise 5MP or 8MP image (depending on your settings you can also get different sizes or the full 38MP). A “lossless” zooming technology is also implemented by using smaller portions of the sensor thereby getting closer to the image – though the more zoomed in you are, the less pixels are oversampled and binned, possibly resulting in more noise. These features are available in video mode, and the phone is also equipped with an improved sound recorder to match. Have a quick peek at the trailer below to see it a little bit in action.



The phone itself is what you would call a spiritual successor to the Nokia N8 before it, and is running on the same Symbian Belle OS. Its guts have been mostly upgraded though so it now packs a 1.3Ghz processor, 4.0” 360×640 AMOLED ClearBlack screen, the aforementioned 41MP (38MP / 5MP / 8MP / oversampling) camera with a Xenon flash (great addition), VGA front facing camera, and the usual connecctivity options. For all intents and purposes, its shaping up to be a pretty good cameraphone – though most would consider the Symbian OS as its major love or hate characteristic.


Nokia hasn’t officially announced the arrival of the 808 PureView in the Philippines just yet, but rumors have it that the phone will definitely be arriving this June. Since CMKCellphones has had a good history of white market official devices, we’re inclined to assume that this is a Nokia Philippines product that came out early (as they usually happen with this seller). So if you’re looking for the newest cameraphone to wow your friends with, check out the PureView either at CMK, or even your local stores when they finally arrive soon.


Nokia 808

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