Instagram For Android Quick Look – Popular Image Sharing App With Art Filters

Instagram For Android Quick Look – Popular Image Sharing App With Art Filters
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One of the most popular applications on the iOS space is now on Android – the Instagram photo sharing and art filteringing app! Now, if you haven’t seen this app in action or you don’t understand the hype, you’re probably not alone. That’s why we’ve come up with this Video Quick Look for you to see if the app is geared to your tastes. Essentially, Instagram is a simple program that takes square shaped pictures, typically from a cameraphone, and shares it with friends in your network. There are ways to like, share, and comment on said pictures, and its generally all big one happy image sharing family. One notable feature though, is that the app allows you to add “Art Filters” on the pictures itself. Essentially these filters are designed to make your image look more like they were taken with old cameras for a Lomography effect. This style, inferring from its name “Art Filter” essentially can make mundane pictures of objects a little bit more interesting – and to some people that’s all they need to go out there and shoot with their phones, which is what all we really want, right? Check out our video below to see it in action!



In the long run, its all about the community and sharing pictures that count for Instagram – and anything that is geared towards promoting photography and the hobby is alright by us. Download Instagram for Android right now – its free! Make sure to follow us too: @TheTechnoclast.



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