Alcatel Launches Glory X 918N (Dual-SIM) & Sapphire 995 (1.4Ghz) Affordable Androids

by Alexei Rivera | April 7, 2012 9:48 pm

The Alcatel One Touch Sapphire HD 995


Coming off the successful launch of the affordable Blaze Glory 918N dual-SIM Android phone[2], Alcatel held an event recently to launch two new devices to join their growing line of Google-powered mobiles. The former is a slightly updated version of the popular Blaze Glory with interchangeable color covers, and the latter is a new flagship large screen, high power processor device – respectively called the Glory X 918N and the Sapphire HD 995. These new devices continue the Alcatel promise of great features for very affordable prices. In fact, the Glory X is only PHP 6,199 – PHP 200 more than the Blaze Glory – and comes with all the features plus an additional color cover in the box. The Sapphire HD on the other hand, has a 1.4Ghz processor powering the device with a large 4.3” 800×480 screen for only PHP 13,999. Both devices are definitely quite affordable for the specs they’re delivering.


The Alcatel Sapphire HD 995 (pictured above) is the aforementioned new flagship device in their new lineup – probably a first for the French mobile-phone maker here in the Philippines. It packs a powerful single-core 1.4Ghz processor, 4.3” 800×480 screen, 5MP camera with LED flash, VGA front facing camera, 720x30p video recording, and all the usual Android connectivity options. Aside from the usual custom Alcatel skin on the Android 2.3 OS, it has 3D homescreens that you can toggle which works smoothly and creates a much more interesting UI. With such a large screen and capable processor, this can effectively compete with popular 1Ghz+ Android devices, but with a much more affordable price tag at only PHP 13,999. At the same time it also promises to be sleek, thin, and light enough so that it won’t make a dent in most pockets – literally and figuratively.


The Alcatel Glory X 918N


The next unit is the extremely affordable dual-SIM Glory X 918N. At only PHP 6,199 its about the same price as its predecessor the Blaze Glory 918N. Internally they’re almost the same phone – both packing a 650Mhz processor, 3.2” 320×480 screen, 3.2MP Camera, and its famous Dual-SIM/Standby capabilities. The new Glory X though has a new personalization feature in the form of interchangeable color covers. For the package price, you get an additional cover in the box – effectively only costing another PHP 200 for an extra color to your phone. The original 918N was a huge competitor to the Galaxy Y (and a much better choice in our opinion) which should make the new Glory X 918N another great alternative to the low resolution Samsung budget droid. Whichever the case, both versions of the 918N are pretty affordable and should be one of the first few choices for Android consumers in a budget.


Both phones should be available now at Alcatel stores nationwide. So whether you’re looking for a new color-changeable budget Dual-SIM Android device, or an affordable powerhouse droid, drop by an Alcatel shop near you to check out the Glory X and the Sapphire HD – they might just be the Droids you’re looking for.


To see more of the Sapphire HD 995 and the Glory X 918N in action, check out our preview video below.



To see more pictures of the event, check out our gallery below.


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