Breaking-ish News: Canon’s New Full-Frame 5D Mark III Now Available For PHP 140,000

by Alexei Rivera | March 8, 2012 12:23 am



Just a heads up for expecting photographers out there. Your newest, wettestest dream (unless you’re a Nikon user) is finally here – the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. And you can buy one right now. Widget City[2] is offering the full-frame 22.3MP magnesium-body SLR for only PHP 140,000 body only – technically landing at even a bit cheaper than the US $ 3,500 (PHP 150,000) it was supposed to be launching in. What’s even more remarkable is how fast it got to the online store’s hands – a mere few days after it was announced back in March 2. Its so quick that the announcement article is still even on our front page right now – and we suggest you read up that post[3] for most of the specs of the newest Canon EOS SLR.


Basically, Widget City has just posted that they will now have the new EOS 5DM3 on order right now. Upon asking, we were told that the unit will arrive within two days of your order – so don’t expect your camera to be there instantly. Still, that’s not a long wait. There’s also a few freebies involved – a 4GB SD card, a bag, and a screen guard.


Of course, you will be buying a Gray Market unit – which is why the price will probably be much higher once the White Market units roll in (who knows when). As with all gray market purchases, you’ll mostly get a service-only warranty from the seller. (Widget City) That said, all of our cameras so far have been gray market, and we’ve hadn’t had a problem yet. (Your mileage may vary.)


Either way, for those who really need to adopt early into the new Mark III definitely have the option to get it now – at a reasonable price too. Sometimes, you just gotta buy what you gotta buy – and what better to buy than this?



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