Nokia Updates N9 Software To PR 1.2–Now Supports Copy-Paste & Skype Video Calls

Nokia Updates N9 Software To PR 1.2–Now Supports Copy-Paste & Skype Video Calls
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Skype video calling is probably the most important reason why smartphones have been needing a front-facing camera these days. (Of course, unless you’re one of those people who actually take pictures with the front facing camera.) So much so that it seems like a smartphone that couldn’t, or wouldn’t allow you to call people on Skype using a video camera on the front of the phone seems preposterous. Nokia’s N9 was recently part of that demographic – having a front facing camera (albeit weirdly placed on the lower right corner of the front) but with no way of using it – you couldn’t even take pictures with it as of very recently. Well, fear not Meego users of the N9 table, PR 1.2 is here and will finally allow you to call or receive video calls straight from the phone using Skype. The update should be rolling out now through most of the world – which we assume will include our humble country here in the Philippines.


The 284MB Meego 1.2 Harmattan PR 1.2 update isn’t only just for video calling of course. It also brings with it folder organization on the apps menu – a much needed feature; and support for copy paste – another much needed feature. Other unconfirmed improvements include threaded e-mails, Software Update Notifications (that would be great), improved browser history, as well as podcast support and playlist creation among various other updates. Anyway, if you have an N9, look out for an OTA update sometime soon. Admittedly, even when we tested the N9, we couldn’t find a button to force checking an OTA update manually. Maybe its by magic!


Either way, firmware updates sure are great aren’t they? Make sure to call up your friends on Skype and tell them all about it!


Source/s: Engadget & MyN9.Blogspot.Com



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