Nokia Lumia 800 Epic Unboxing–1.4Ghz Windows Phone 7.5 Device (Video)

Nokia Lumia 800 Epic Unboxing–1.4Ghz Windows Phone 7.5 Device (Video)
January 15 20:17 2012 Print This Article

The Nokia Lumia 800


Thanks to our blogging friend Mr. Jerome Ancheta and the guys at Nokia Connects, we were able to borrow a Nokia Lumia 800 to unbox for you today. The Lumia 800 is one of the first Windows Phone devices from the Finnish company, and has been popular in the regions that is has been out in. Unfortunately, the device isn’t yet available in the Philippines at the time of this writing, but we hope that it’ll be headed to our shores soon. With the popularity of the Nokia N9 form factor, there’s no denying that the Lumia 800’s similar design will no doubt attract a dedicated fanbase. With a relatively powerful (for WP7 devices) 1.4Ghz processor, 3.7” 800×480 AMOLED ClearBlack display, and 8MP Camera + Dual LED Flash, it should be a shoe-in for the new era of smartphone consumers – especially those looking for that trademark Nokia build quality and design. So without further ado, hit the jump for our unboxing video. (We made it extra special/epic to watch just for the heck of it.)


Nokia Lumia 800 Unboxing – 1.4Ghz WP7.5 Device + Epic Video Production


Alright! That about does it for the unboxing of the Nokia Lumia 800. We hope to see it again, maybe for a full review – if we can get a hold of one for a longer period of time. (Note: The Lumia 800 was provided as a review unit by Nokia Connects to Mr. Ancheta and we had a chance to meet him to record an unboxing for our site as well. For his full review on the device, check out his site at


For guys who don’t mind buying a Gray Market unit, you can snag one of these devices right now from Widget City for PHP 23,500. If we understand correctly, you can also get a freebie/discount from Widget City if you take a screenshot of this webpage and show it to them when you collect your device.


So did you like that unboxing video? ‘Cause we sure had fun making it. Be sure to check back for more!



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  1. Glenn Ong
    January 15, 21:43 #1 Glenn Ong

    Good job on the video!

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  2. Strix
    January 15, 22:08 #2 Strix

    good job yet again, Bro. now I want one. And I’m already a fan of HTC and Android. personally,I feel that Nokia’s foray out from symbian into windows is far too long overdue.

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    • panzerpuff
      January 16, 09:12 panzerpuff Author

      Their foray into a dependable smartphone OS is definitely overdue, and is still taking too long to take full effect. But at least they have new units like this one to get started with. It’s unfortunate that the Lumia 800 has no front facing camera, but we tested the Nokia Maps/Drive apps and they work really well – even offline. (Bing Maps on regular Windows Phones are terrible.)

      If I were to buy a Windows Phone, I might go for a Nokia just for the offline map navigation.

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  3. Rom
    January 15, 23:26 #3 Rom

    Great video on the Lumia, Alexei :)

    Question, does GPS fully work for apps like Foursquare or Maps? I can’t seem to make it find my current location on the Samsung Focus (sometimes not accurate)

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    • panzerpuff
      January 15, 23:35 panzerpuff Author

      Accurate GPS requires line-of-sight with the sky/satellites so if you’re indoors the GPS signal will be inaccurate. Basically to solve it, you need to step out in an area with good sky coverage (no tall buildings) and if possible no thick clouds. An accurate GPS lock takes between 1 minute to 5 minutes to perfectly locate a device.

      On phones like Android, apps like Foursquare can use what’s called a “Coarse” location which doesn’t require line-of-sight with satellites and can easily be activated indoors. (inaccurate to several hundred meters)

      I noticed that on Windows Phone it won’t accept “Coarse” location info so you’ll need to step outside to get a GPS lock first then walk inside for the system to remember where you are for the duration.

      Whew, hope that was informative sir!

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      • Rom
        January 15, 23:57 Rom

        wow, it was :) thanks! will try it again tomorrow on open skies. I hope they’ll implement it like what iOS or Android. I’m having accurate geo-location on both (indoors and out)

        small kinks that I’m sure will be worked out on future versions.

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  4. TJ
    January 16, 11:36 #4 TJ

    I was sold at “A The Technoclast Productions”. Boy you sure know how to pitch your product sir Alex!

    That aside, I find the form factor of the Lumia 800 very interesting. That matte black color would be outstanding if not only for that streak of chrome for the camera. IMO Nokia is also saying that rounded corners are so 2007. This brick flat shape may be the next-gen smartphone form. Reminds me of a Magnum HD.

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    • panzerpuff
      January 16, 15:07 panzerpuff Author

      Yep, just like the Magnum HD you can stand it up on its top side or bottom. The corners might give you trouble getting it out of pockets, but that’s a minor thing. The Magnum is much larger and much flatter so that one is less pocket-friendly. (Its even bigger than a Sensation XE, despite the smaller screen.)

      I think the Nokia’s front is beautiful with the glass dominating the screen even covering most of the parts, including the brand logo, ambient sensors and capacitive buttons. That makes the front look sexy, at least compared to the Radar. Too bad about the back, which is uninteresting at best. =)

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  5. Dino
    January 16, 14:57 #5 Dino

    Awesome device!!! I want it, pero Nokia just recently announced the 900 on CES. Mas gusto ko yung 900. I hope maging available rin siya sa Grey Market. Thanks!

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    • panzerpuff
      January 16, 15:11 panzerpuff Author

      The current Nokia 900 from CES is a U.S. only LTE variant which will carrier locked and not available worldwide. Those specific versions cannot be sold in the Gray Market so you’ll need to wait for an unlocked “world” GSM version.

      That said, there’s a rumor that a regular 3G GSM version will be announced sometime in March/April. So it’s not 100% sure yet, but don’t expect it anytime within the next few months.

      We hope it does arrive in our shores though.

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  6. earl
    January 18, 19:52 #6 earl

    available na ba lumia series sa Pinas?

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    • panzerpuff
      January 19, 08:54 panzerpuff Author

      Not officially yet bro. Hopefully Nokia will bring it to the Philippines soon. You can still get it at grey market sellers like Widget City which we linked up there on the article if you want.

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  7. carl
    January 22, 21:47 #7 carl

    dude, does it make any difference if its a gray unit?? I wanna buy one, but I’m having second thoughts because its from a gray market.. XD

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    • panzerpuff
      January 22, 21:54 panzerpuff Author

      Its not that bad, especially for Nokia devices since they’re generally pretty well made. Widget City has the 1yr service warranty, which admittedly isn’t as good as the 1yr parts/service from white market devices, but that’s a little bit of assurance at least.

      If you’re interested in picking one up as soon as you can, then getting it gray market is a pretty decent trade.

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  8. carl
    January 22, 22:04 #8 carl

    i’ll try to drop by at their shop, maybe by the end of the month. thanks a lot.

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