Alcatel Launches Cheapest Dual-SIM Android Blaze 918N (PHP 6K) & 810D Flip (PHP 4K)

by Alexei Rivera | January 15, 2012 4:21 pm

The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N


Ladies and gentlemen, the phone that would hopefully make Samsung Galaxy Y fans shut up is finally here. Alcatel OneTouch Philippines have recently launched their two new devices in their lineup of affordable mobile devices. The first is one of the most affordable droids in the market – the Blaze Glory 918N1. (1among devices with capacitive screens and 600Mhz+) Priced at only PHP 5,999, the 918N beats the Galaxy Y at the same price point with a better display and dual-SIM capability. While the other new phone Alcatel is the Glam 810D – a feminine “powder case”-like clamshell for PHP 3,999. While some of the fairer sex might be interested in having the 810D in their purses, most of us are probably very interested in one of the cheapest Androids to date – both of which we have coverage for after the jump.


The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N (pictured above) is the company’s newest Android device which brings with it Alcatel’s pedigree of affordable smart devices. Essentially priced at PHP 6K, it matches the Galaxy Y’s pricetag and yet surpasses it in multiple specifications. The device features a 650Mhz processor, 3.2” 320×480 screen (larger and twice the resolution of Galaxy Y), and a 3.2MP camera among the usual Android accoutrements. All this running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and offering the much appreciated Dual-SIM/Dual-Standby capabilities. We’ve tried the device for ourselves at the launch and we came away impressed – the device runs at a decent clip for a 650Mhz processor droid, and the custom Alcatel UI and Dual-SIM handler works pretty well. Beyond a full review and further scrutiny of its capacities, we think the 918N is one of the most affordable, promising Android devices out there – and that’s saying a lot.


The Alcatel Glam 810D


And from there we move on to the ladies’ phone. While we try not to stereotype people here in The Technoclast, one look at the Glam 810D will convince you its definitely for the ladies out there. The device is a clamshell phone designed to look like some sort of powder case. On the top cover of the phone is a hidden LED array that makes fancy shapes and letters to tell its users if they have new messages or other notifications. Open the cover and you’ll see the QWERTY keyboard and the 2.4” 320×240 screen inside. The device runs on Alcatel’s proprietary OS which supports Java games and other such apps. There’s a lack of WiFi or 3G, but to its merit the device still has its own 2MP camera, QCF (176×144) video recording, music player, games, and applications like Facebook or Twitter. The Glam 810D is available now in Victorian Blush (pink) or Light Chrome (silver) for PHP 3,999.


To see more of these two devices, check out our video preview below.


Alcatel 918N & 810D Preview – Dual-SIM Android For PHP 6k & Chic Clamshell For PHP 4k



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