Save Water, Go For GreenRides Waterless Car Wash & Get Up To 3 Free Washes In A Month

Save Water, Go For GreenRides Waterless Car Wash & Get Up To 3 Free Washes In A Month
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Sometimes a clever product can also serve a good environmental issue. Such is the case for a revolutionary car wash system that uses absolutely no water but will give you amazing results regardless of our dependence for that life sustaining H2O. The new service is called the GreenRides Waterless Car wash and as advertised, uses absolutely no water to clean your car. What’s better is that the wash includes Carnauba wax that provides your whip with a natural level of protection from the elements – even keeping beads of water from drying on your car. That’s not all though, as they’re giving customers an unprecedented offer of a total of 3 extra optional washings within one month of your first – meaning you can get up to 4 washes (and waxes) for only their initial price of PHP 400. Sound too good to be true? That’s why we went ahead and checked it out for you!


“Before” shot of our hood (Notice the oily gunk)


For this test, we brought along our trusty white Corolla XE – a typical workhorse car that has taken us through floods, rain, rough roads, and the most horrible of all: Metro Manila traffic. On this particular day, the GreenRides guys had their work cut out for them – as we haven’t had the car cleaned in a while. What’s more, there’s a terrible splotch of oil that was smeared onto our hood from a friend’s unfortunate attempt to clean it with some baby wipes. This left a very serious residue that wouldn’t come off through regular soap & water scrubbing – trust us, we tried. We were assured by the technicians at the Shopwise Libis GreenRides that they can easily wash that out, and so they went to work.


Our hood after the cleaning


The process involved is relatively interesting yet simple. A special waterless compound, loaded into bottles, is sprayed onto the car in small areas each. Then after the solution dutily lifts the dirt from the surface, it is wiped off with a clean cloth. This is significantly better than wiping your whole car with a rag, dragging all the dirt around it and scratching the surface – as water and soap doesn’t prevent the particles from contacting the car’s body at all. Finally, the solution includes a layer of Carnauba wax which is then buffed to make the car shine and protect it from the elements.


“Before” shot of our trunk (There’s drops of dirt from trees and other organic things)


Our whole car took about 45 minutes to clean, and the results can speak for themselves. As you can see from the pictures, the grimy hood has been turned into a pristine shiny white. While at the same time, our trunk’s dots of dirt have clearly been removed. Also, it usually takes a lot more time to wash and wax a car, but since the wax is built into the solution all it took was a little buffing near the end to complete the process. And all this without using up gallons of water – which you can confirm this by seeing that the floor is still very dry. Overall the quality of the cleaning and workmanship was quite impressive. The technicians were also friendly and courteous, despite our incessant asking of so many questions.


All cleaned up!


Thankfully, by talking to the technicians we actually found out the best part about the GreenRides service – it costs PHP 400 for a first wash & wax, but it avails you of up to three of the same within a month period. This means that you can get up to 4 washings in a month, effectively costing you only PHP 100 for a wash AND wax. Getting the same treatment from one of the local malls will cost you PHP 360+ for just one wash+wax service, and that piles up if you avail of another cleanup a week or so later. GreenRides therefore, is offering a comparable service that can keep your car clean for the entire month for only PHP 400. Assuming you get your car cleaned about 2+ times a month, you’ll get a pretty good deal with GreenRides – plus you’ll be saving water too!


The final product!


We’re quite convinced that GreenRides has a good idea going here – so much so that we’ll be availing their services again soon. Our plan is to get washed at least at the start of a month and at the end, so that it’ll take at least a month and half before we’ll need to pay up another PHP 400. It just saves money, saves water, and saves time.


You can check out GreenRides Waterless Car Washes at Shopwise Libis, Shopwise Commonwealth, Shopwise Cubao & Shopwise Sucat. Or you can find more information at their website here, or their Facebook Fan Page here.


For more pictures during our car wash service, check out our gallery below. (Note: The pictures were not edited except to remove our plate numbers and improve exposure.)




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