PLDT MyDSL Subscribers, Register Now To Get Your WiFi Zone On–Free Until January 15, 2012

PLDT MyDSL Subscribers, Register Now To Get Your WiFi Zone On–Free Until January 15, 2012
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Sarah Lahbati for PLDT WiFi Zone


Let’s face it: some of us are still not enjoying 3G internet from their mobile phones; or prefer to use a faster WiFi connection when you’re in your favorite establishments; or even for those of us who have devices (tablets / laptops) that aren’t blessed with 3G but have WiFi. PLDT has a solution for you – its called the PLDT WiFi Zone. They have started to deploy, and offer, high speed WiFi internet access in commercial establishments, malls, hospitals, business offices, and other establishments for you to enjoy – and they’re introducing the service to existing PLDT subscribers for free until January 15, 2012 – all you need to do is register on their website.


Rhian with Villman Staff in Park Square
Rhian Ramos at Villman Computers WiFi Zone


If you’ve been around the Metro recently, you’ve probably noticed the PLDT WiFi Zone signs by now. If you did, then you’ve discovered one of the 2,000+ (and rapidly increasing) WiFi Zones. Existing establishments include Max’s Restaurant, Yellow Cab Pizza, Army Navy, Burger King, and Figaro to name a few. But it doesn’t stop there – the entirety of Eastwood City, Greenhills Shopping Center and Araneta Center are all now PLDT WiFi Zone equipped. All zones are also backed by a high-speed 100MB dedicated connection – this means that you’ll be able to enjoy WiFi access at these locations without connection hassles or speed problems!


PLDT WiFi Zone Raid with Ms. Isabel Oli
Isabel Oli at Burger King Timog WiFi Zone


Current subscribers of PLDT (DSL or landlines) can avail of the free WiFi zones by registering at their website The service will be free until January 15, 2012. If you decide to continue using it, PLDT landline subscribers will be charged PHP 300 per month – while PLDT DSL subscribers will be charged a smaller PHP 150 per month. For a fast, dedicated WiFi connection at your favorite establishments and malls, it might just be a bargain. Feel free to test it first though!


PLDT WiFi Zone is promoted by the PLDT Raid Team – which includes popular stars like Rhian Ramos, Isabel Oli, Sarah Lahbati, Rocco Nacino, Daiana Meneses, and Anton Del Rosario. For more pictures of the event and the WiFi Zone Raid Team, check out our gallery below.



P.S.: Thanks to @selinbitan and @yoottower2001 for helping me identify some celebs! =)


P.P.S.: Thanks to our commenter @zoelski for pointing out our bad year typo!



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  1. zoelski
    January 03, 11:00 #1 zoelski

    funny. Why did you put Jan 15 2011, it’s already 2012!

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  2. paola mariz
    January 06, 19:49 #2 paola mariz

    tnx lakas ng connection nyo

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  5. annaliza valerio
    May 06, 12:46 #5 annaliza valerio

    i want to try pldtwifizone

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  6. annaliza valerio
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    i want to try pldtwifizone for a month

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    i love pldtwifizone

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  8. annaliza valerio
    May 06, 12:50 #8 annaliza valerio

    wanna try for a month

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  9. lolit
    August 09, 22:38 #9 lolit

    we want to avail of free PLDTWIFIZONE promo if still available we are pldtmydsl subscriber with monthly payment of 1,300 under the name of my nephew Mr.Danll0yd Caguiat.hope we can avail this promo thanks

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  10. Ma.Lourdes M. Bunggo
    August 17, 14:42 #10 Ma.Lourdes M. Bunggo

    ask ko lang po kung pano mag-apply s free wifizone

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  11. beron lea prejoles
    August 26, 08:16 #11 beron lea prejoles

    sooooo fantastic

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  12. elda ann caasi
    September 01, 13:27 #12 elda ann caasi

    Wifi is good than mobile 3G

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  13. Mark
    September 08, 04:17 #13 Mark


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  14. ahmad hara
    September 19, 21:38 #14 ahmad hara

    I whant 2 try free wifizonepldt to the mobile phone

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  15. rosalinda dela cruz
    October 23, 14:34 #15 rosalinda dela cruz

    is it correct?

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  16. gazara011
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  17. almon bona
    January 15, 19:37 #17 almon bona

    this the fastiest wifi zone ever

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  18. Rina
    April 07, 17:15 #18 Rina

    Panu po?

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  19. cherry lyn Lopres Mesias
    May 04, 16:37 #19 cherry lyn Lopres Mesias

    I want to subcribe pldtwifizone.

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