Globe Apple iPhone 4S Preview (Video)

by Alexei Rivera | December 22, 2011 11:15 am

The Globe Apple iPhone 4S


At the Globe iPhone 4S press release, we were able to get to try the smartphone that generated so much hype the previous day[2]. Of course, given that opportunity, we quickly turned our cameras on and started recording a review video for you guys. You’ll see us check out the general interface of the iPhone 4S, the camera, gallery, video playback, web browsing, new Android-like notification bar, look around its physical features, and of course we try a little bit of the most touted feature – the Siri voice recognition assistant. So have a gander at it just after the jump!


Globe Apple iPhone 4S Preview


If you’re excited for this phone its probably not gonna whet your appetite enough for this product, but you’ll get to see most of what you’re getting. If you still need to see more, check it out at your nearest Globe Centers! (Unless we’re able to check one out in more detail again, of course.)



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