Having A Raffle At Your Holiday Party? Use ShakeRaffleRoll From JuanDroid.Org–Free!

by Alexei Rivera | December 12, 2011 4:19 pm



So you got your fancy Christmas party all planned up and ready to go – but have you got the raffle all sorted out? Did you cut out those little paper things with names or numbers in them and put them in a little bowl – or did you forget? Well, juAndroid.org[2] wants to step in and provide a more high-tech, paper-free solution for your raffle woes – namely their ShakeRaffleRoll app for Android devices. It’s a free raffle application that the guys at juAndroid have come up with – employing the help of talented students studying mobile development.


The app features multiple modes of raffle ticket management ranging from the basic Name type; the more personal Picture type; the ever so popular Ticket Number type; and even an advanced CSV type for more organized raffle proceedings. Of course, the app is free for all Android users and we’re sure juAndroid will also love your feedback if you have any. Also, if you win any big raffles due to this app, send us a thank you – we accept Visa & Mastercard. (Just kidding.)




You can pick up the APK installer for ShakeRaffleRoll by scanning the barcode above, or going to juAndroid.org[2]. Alternatively you can directly download the file at their link here[3]. (Note: You may need to enable “Allow installation of non-Market Applications” on your settings to install.) Like their page[4] on Facebook to say Thanks!



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  4. page: https://www.facebook.com/ShakeRaffleRoll

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