Lenovo Mobile Phones Now Available–Buy Your A60 Dual-SIM Droid At These Locations

by Alexei Rivera | October 20, 2011 8:11 pm



Great news! Lenovo Mobile Philippines have just announced[2] the list of retailers where you can pick up their devices. What’s more, you check them out now as they’ve also mentioned that the phones are on shelves now. (Don’t quote us on that if the store doesn’t actually have them yet though – always call them first.) So guys interested in the pretty awesome-sounding dual-SIM 3.5” screen Lenovo A60[3] should be able to pick them up at these places for that sweet retail price of PHP 7,990. That list of retailers is below, just after the jump!


The Lenovo Mobile A60 Dual-SIM Android


List of Lenovo Mobile Official Retailers


It seems they’re also working on getting more stores to have these devices soon, so the list should grow to include more locales we gather. If you’re around these places though, you should check them out – at the very least for that sweet-sounding A60 deal.


UPDATE: It seems like CMKCellphones[5] is one of the official retailers for Lenovo Mobile phones and have these devices listed for sale with their trademark competitive price. The A60 is being sold for PHP 7,700 there – which is PHP 300 cheaper than the SRP. Check out their Lenovo Mobile products page here[6]!



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