12 Yr. Old Leyte Drummer Covers Slapshock’s Carino Brutal Using Only Tin Cans & Sticks

12 Yr. Old Leyte Drummer Covers Slapshock’s Carino Brutal Using Only Tin Cans & Sticks
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When it comes to the role of social media in discovering new talents, YouTube has had a couple of successes under its belt. The likes of Charice Pempengco, Justin Bieber, Marié Digby, Maria Aragon, and of course everybody’s favorite Rebecca Black have all been discovered there. Using the power of the internets, talents that haven’t yet been discovered due to financial issues can easily find their videos turning viral overnight. That said, this new video we found might be hoping to get the same effect on a 12 year old drummer. Unfortunately, on top of not having the exposure, he also doesn’t have the instrument. Instead of playing on a set of drums, he has the traditional tin cans and sticks – but boy, can he play them well. Catch the amazing performance below as he covers Slapshock’s Carino Brutal – complete with double bass pedal action.


Slapshock Carino Brutal


After watching this video, you can’t feel anything but impressed – and no doubt, comments have been streaming in supporting the performer. One of them have mentioned that the drummer is a 12 year old boy hailing from Leyte and he’s memorized a thousand songs already; While the rest of the reactions have been to find some way to give this guy a set of real drums to hone his craft on. Indeed, nobody should really ignore the skill shown here at all – and we can all thank the power of social media in letting us see the talent that he offers. Let’s hope he gets the instruments he deserves or at least the recognition for his talents. With the power of the internets, we’ll all hope to see him again soon – hopefully with a real drum kit. Godspeed!



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