The Coffee Bean Demonstrates It’s Capsule Based Coffee & Tea Maker For Personal Use

by Alexei Rivera | August 19, 2011 10:05 am



During our adventures we sometimes spot things that we find quite interesting. Here’s one that fit the bill – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Single Serve Beverage System. While that moniker is plenty vague, the device itself is basically a coffee & tea maker designed to consume single-serve drink cartridges that you insert into a slot on top of the machine.


Designed to brew you your favorite cups in near instant fashion and enable you to make CBTL’s designer coffee (and tea) by one serving each, it straddles the line between single-serve instant coffee and brewing your own pot. This system would allow you to mix and match brews in the same instance to each drinker’s specific blend of taste rather than one whole pot of the same, allowing its users to personalize drinks and be able to get their favorite CBTL brews into their homes or offices.


In this video, Cy of The Coffee Bean will demonstrate how the system works, its price points and how you can get one of your own!


Coffee Bean Demonstrate Their New Single Serve, Capsule Based Coffee & Tea Maker


For prices of the device, capsules, accessories and pictures of them all, check out the gallery below.


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