Fujitsu Launches New LifeBooks For 2011

Fujitsu Launches New LifeBooks For 2011
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In time for the newly started school year, Fujitsu have launched a slew of new Lifebook laptops for 2011. These new laptops now have Intel’s 2nd Gen Intel Core processors – more commonly known as the Sandy Bridge line, to bring great performance in the usual Fujitsu styling that we all know. With a range spanning from budget to even the more discerning enthusiasts, Fujitsu is betting that you can find a model to call your own. The lowdown on these 8 new laptop models, including our favorite from the bunch 17” monster, after the jump!


SH761 shot10
Lifebook SH761

Lifebook SH761 – The SH761 is dubbed as Fujitsu’s technology flagship. It is a 13.3” laptop which you can get with i5/i7 processors, 2/4GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M 1GB for churning out those numbers and graphics. Built with a large capacity battery and unique ventilation features, this looks like a powerful device that you can easily bring along and hold in your hand.


SH561 shot16
Lifebook SH561


Lifebook SH561 – The SH561 is built to be an all around device for its class. This has most of the features of the SH761, but a more moderate graphics card with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 chip. Aesthetic and ergonomic touches include a pragmatic arc design & textured palm rests for comfortable use. Rounding out the list include some biometric features like the radio-frequency using Fingerprint Sensor.


NH751 Shot7
Lifebook NH751


Lifebook NH751 – We mentioned we had a favorite among this new line, didn’t we? This is it, of course. The Lifebook NH751 is a monster 17” laptop that is built with the new Intel Core line with an option for a higher resolution Full HD 1080p screen. To push pixels onto that screen we have NVIDIA’s GeForce GT525M (with OPTIMUS support) with 1GB graphics memory and the laptop has 4GB onboard memory for faster caching. But the most interesting feature for this laptop has got to be the built-in 5.1 surround sound system. Fujitsu has managed to fit 4 satellites (2 front, 2 back), 1 center and sub onto this laptop for maximum enjoyment. Gamers and enthusiasts will definitely gravitate towards this device for maximum performance.


P771 Shot7
Lifebook P771


Lifebook P771 – The P771 is designed for business professionals who want an attractive executive laptop for the boardroom. Design touches include a glossy back cover, anti-glade screen, plus a thin and light form factor for carrying around. It also features a modular bay for expansion with accessories like an extended battery. Unique specs include a Magnesium-Alloy chassis and a built in 3G slot for on-the-go connectivity.


AH531 Shot14
Lifebook AH531


Lifebook AH531 – The AH531 is a versatile 15” notebook with a powerful graphics card for road warriors who need extra power on-the-go. With a 15.6” LED backlit display, and full-sized spill-resistant keyboard, users can have a desktop experience – including the processing power of Core i3/i7 and GeForce 525M 1GB – with them wherever they go.


BH531 Shot23
Lifebook BH531


Lifebook BH531 – Bringing in some color is the BH531 13” notebook. With a built-in NVIDIA GeForce 410M with 1GB dedicated video memory, it’s a powerful notebook that is a great companion for mainstream users that demand portability, performance, and affordability. It can also extend its battery life with an intuitive ECO button that is designed to operate under less resource hungry applications. It weighs just under 2Kg and is available in Shiny Black and Garnet Red.


LH701 Shot6
Lifebook LH701


Lifebook LH701 – Anodized aluminum is the primary design tough for the LH701. Built for the needs of Small and Medium Businesses who require a desktop alternative. Anodized aluminum is technically scratchproof and lightweight, making this laptop a dependable and portable device. Specs include an anti-glare screen and NVIDIA’s GeForce 520M with 1GB dedicated video memory.


LH531 Shot 9
Lifebook LH531


Lifebook LH531 – For users that require that extra color, the LH531 is being offered in Shiny Black, Garnet Red and Cherry Pink under a high-gloss back cover and wrapped in a silver lining. Its curves and luster are said to have been inspired by Fujitsu’s cultural Japanese icon, the Katana sword. Among the usual features, you get a spill resistant keyboard, 14” screen, and NVIDIA GeForce 410M 1Gb to power the graphics. It is designed for everyday computing and should prove to be a great option for PC buyers and students who want value for money.


And there you have it! A slew of new laptops from the popular Japanese manufacturer covering most, if not all of the bases. We have ones for gaming, entertainment, businesses, and students and various other consumer markets. There should be enough to go around for everybody to pick. For us, we’re a fan of the NH751, but that’s probably typical for us who prefer performance over portability. What’s your pick?


For more information, check out Fujitsu Philippines’ website here, or visit their local retailers nationwide.


Check out more pictures of the event on the gallery below.



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