Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pokes Fun At iPad 2 With YouTube Ad

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pokes Fun At iPad 2 With YouTube Ad
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Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a YouTube Ad against a competing tablet


Oh no he di’int! Samsung just put a little burn on Apple’s tablet on one of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 YouTube ads. In the video, a convinced user of Samsung’s Android tablet confidently takes on a meeting with his Flash-enabled device, while a distraught co-worker tries to use a similar tablet but with no Flash support. Looking closer, we definitely can tell its an iPad 2, especially since its one of the more popular devices out there that won’t run Flash. Samsung has always regarded Apple as competition, but we guess that they’re taking it to a new level with this ad.


Looking closer, you can even see the iPad 2’s Smart Cover


The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is Samsung’s new Android 3.0/3.1 Honeycomb device, which was specifically delayed and redesigned to compete with Apple’s iPad 2. Recreated to be thinner and lighter after Steve Jobs announced their new tablet’s specs, the Tab 10.1 is also Flash-enabled due to Android’s support for Adobe’s platform.


Samsung’s 10.1” tablet was slated to arrive in the Philippines this June, but there hasn’t been any relative news about it lately. Rumors of possible manufacturing delays and/or hardware redesigns are still being passed around, so we’re assuming that the tablet is still undergoing some last minute testing. So if you’re planning on showing off a Flash-enabled tablet, you might have to wait a little bit more. (Apple’s iPad 2 is already available at local stores.)


Oh and if you want to see the ad, check it out here:


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1–It’s Time To Tab!


Editors note: We’re kind of surprised that Samsung didn’t go the extra mile and make the iPad 2 look like it was brick heavy and massively thick. (It’s not, but they’ve tried so hard to make the Tab lighter and thinner, so why not?)

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