Angry Birds & Plants vs. Zombies Flying/Shuffling To Windows Phones In June

Angry Birds & Plants vs. Zombies Flying/Shuffling To Windows Phones In June
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If you haven’t heard of Rovio’s Angry Birds or PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies, then your brains have probably already been eaten by angry, plant eating, zombie birds. But if your brain is still intact, then you’ll know that these two games are some of the most popular casual smartphone games out there. And now, they’re coming to a Windows Phone 7 near you!


Birds hate Pigs…


As part of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone campaign for must have games – aptly named “Must Have Games”, Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies will finally be reaching the Windows Phone 7 devices. We recently reviewed an HTC 7 Mozart device that has the OS, and we were impressed with its gaming capabilities. Now it’ll be much better with these two around.


& Plants hate Zombies.


These games aren’t free though – as with most apps in the Microsoft smartphone ecosystem. Angry Birds will sell for $2.99, and Plants vs. Zombies will be $4.99. Sounds reasonable for the most part, although Angry Birds is free on Android. (PvZ is planned to release on Android, but there have been no announced dates yet.) Some other games in the campaign include Hydro Thunder Go, Doodle Jump, geoDefense, and Sonic 4: Episode 1.


Plants vs. Zombies will be available on June 22, and Angry Birds on June 29. Grab ‘em if you have the appropriate hardware!


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