Nokia 70% Sale Update!–Units, Prices And Details

by Alexei Rivera | December 2, 2010 4:16 pm

YugaTech found some extra info[1] on the upcoming Nokia sale this coming December 4 and we get a better idea on what we’ll be expecting to see come Saturday in Nokia stores nationwide.


The discounted prices and phones included in the sale will be:


Nokia 1280[2] – PHP 890 (about 20% off PHP 1,100)
Nokia 1616[3] – PHP 990 (about 30% off PHP 1,450)
Nokia C3[4] – PHP 4,990 (about 15% off PHP 5,850)
Nokia 5230[5] – PHP 4,990 (about 30% off PHP 7,250)
Nokia C5[6] – PHP 6,990 (about 7% off PHP 7,500)
Nokia C6[7] – PHP 10,990 (about 10% off PHP 12,100)


The base prices are based on CMKCellphones’ Nokia price list[8] so they are actually lower than Nokia store prices. The calculated discounts rates are higher if you base from that, but A.) I don’t have Nokia’s retail prices available and B.) you want to compute for real world discount and not just Nokia retail discount.


There will be discounted older Nokia models so that is where we should be expecting discount rates getting closer to the promised 70%. Still, 30% off a Nokia 5230 can be tempting.


The sale is limited to one unit per person and open to cash and credit card buyers. There’s 2 days left to go so let’s mark that calendar!


Update Again(!):

Nokia has changed their image for the sale including some interesting Terms And Conditions. Read up on the changes here: Nokia 70% Sale Updates Again–Hopes Become Slightly Dented[9]

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