On January 22, 2009, The Philippines Collectively LOL’d at The NTC. Then It Moved On.

by Alexei Rivera | January 22, 2009 7:35 pm

So if you haven’t heard, there was supposed to be a National Telecommunications Commission public hearing today. What’s it about? Oh nothing[1] – just a law that states that anybody who produces content on teh interwebs must get a license and pay Php 6,000 each year for, you know, keeping your name in the same piece of paper. What content? Well everything. The description on the proposal is vague and generic at best. Pretty much any media that you put online can very well be considered as content under this proposal.


Oh, you wanted it in plain English? Here’s the summary:


NTC proposes that you pay them money before you post your own picture on Friendster.

The Philippines LOL’d.

NTC was like “ZOMG PLAN FAIL! Damn you, internets! I will get you one day!” *slams desk*


And we all thought Bush was dumb.

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  1. Oh nothing: http://portal.ntc.gov.ph:9081/wps/_mc/MC2009/electronic_games.html

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